Technical Certificates for Butia uPVC Profiles

An important issue in the industrialization of construction is the use of durable and quality materials. Technical certificates provide a safe context for checking the quality of construction materials, products, and systems. It is also considered a reliable tool to present the superior quality of national products to the consumers to not only support leading producers but also act as an excellent guide to the construction industry’s clients.

Technical certificate is a document that authenticates the features of a building product based on the criteria of national standards, national building codes, and related guidelines codified at a particular time. Technical certificate is the supporting document of the national building codes, exclusively issued by the Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center. It demonstrates that the function and the quality of construction materials, products, and systems match the criteria defined by the national building codes.

As the first manufacturer of uPVC profiles for doors and windows, Butia Sanat Complex is proud to offer the highest-quality products to its consumers through meeting most uPVC profile manufacturing standards for doors and windows. If a product passes the qualitative tests, these indicators are recorded in the technical certificate issued by the Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center. Clients can learn more about the quality of each product by comparing the technical certificates issued for different manufacturers and choosing their desired product more confidently.

Given the variety of weather conditions in Iran, Butia Sanat’s door and window profiles are formulated according to the toughest climatic conditions. Competitive with the world’s best modern profiles, they are produced and offered to the market using premium materials or VM-class raw materials (not using recycled materials) with external walls of A-class thickness (more than 2.8 mm) and resistance against collision of objects falling in low temperatures: II-class (maximum height).

Therefore, since the Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center issues technical certificates according to product tests, consumers are recommended to pay close attention to the items recorded in the product’s technical certificate and its quality to choose the best products.


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