Double- and triple-glazed glasses

Double or triple-glazed glasses


Butia Industry Complex supplies the raw materials required to manufacture multi-glazed glasses from internal and external sources, according to predetermined specifications and quality, by applying quality control measures. Sheet glass is generally purchased from internal producers and vendors; other materials such as spacers, butyl and polysulfide adhesives, and desiccants are directly imported from Italy. Multi-glazed glasses are manufactured using fully automatic production lines produced under license in Austria, purchased from LiSEC Company. The line is equipped with an argon gas injection system which works simultaneously with pressing and sticking two glasses together. The primary and secondary seals prevent the ingress of air into the double-glazed glass and stop fogging.



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Decorative double-glazed glass

A large selection of systems, sizes, colors of decorative bindings offered by our company allows you to find the best design solutions and be creative in the manufacture of double-glazed windows, create an individual, unique window appearance that can satisfy the requirements of any client. Georgian Bars for windows are the decorative transom inside a glass unit. The main advantage for the buyers of windows with decorative transoms is a possibility of choosing design of window equipment according to one’s taste. And namely with help of Georgian Bars you can accentuate the individuality of your home. The Georgian Bars are the layout of aluminum profiles or synthetic material which is placed inside a glass unit.

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