Tilt & Turn System

Butia Series


Profiles of Butia series, with external walls of 3 mm thickness, are produced in accordance with the specifications of the A-class profiles of the world (RAL Standard defines the thickness of external walls as 2.8 mm and their tolerance as 0.2). Given its variety of sections, models, and colors, this series fully satisfies consumers’ needs for casement sash systems.


Tilt & Turn window System Details

Renovation Frame


Butia series has a renovation frame which enables restoring the window without demolition. Considering the edge of the internal profile and the façade covering, it is able to conceal the metal frame of the old window. This not only prevents demolishing the window frame, but also embellishes and completely insulates the window.

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Butia 1500 Series


Maintaining the quality of the raw materials and manufacturing based on Butia’s standards, profiles of Butia-1500 series are produced by changing their geometry and dimensions within the range of international standards. They are applied merely in manufacturing small to medium-sized windows in mass house building projects, so that they can be cost-effective while complying with the qualitative standards of profiles.


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