Maintaining and Cleaning uPVC Doors and Windows

Doors and windows, manufactured according to Butia’s determined standards by producers who are technically qualified by Butia, are of an acceptable quality and should be properly utilized and maintained as capital goods, so that they not only preserve their beauty, but also function well during the useful life of the building.

Here are some steps that must be taken after the installation of doors and windows to keep them clean and beautiful and maintain the fittings’ working condition:

• The protective tape must be removed from all surfaces immediately after installation and cleaned with a damp cloth and mild detergents if necessary.
• Given that the exterior is exposed to dust, smoke, and pollutions, the contaminated surface must be cleaned once noted to prevent pollutants from sticking to surfaces and to encounter no cleaning problems.
• All the components of doors and windows, devised for opening and closing, must be checked and examined at least once a month to avoid corrosion or stiffness due to being idle. It is also necessary to lubricate movable fittings with non-acidic oils once a year.
• If repairs such as building, painting, or plumbing are being made near the installed doors and windows, the surfaces must be thoroughly covered and then cleaned after the repairs are finished.
• Mild detergents can be used to remove oil or chemical stains on doors and windows.
• Caulking strips must be cleaned at least once a year and lubricated with a specific oil to prevent dryness and fragility. Acidic chemicals should not be used for cleaning caulking strips. Avoid any damage to the strips when cleansing.

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