Diversity of models and colors



Butia’s laminated door and window profiles are produced with the finest laminates made by the Renolit Company of Germany, in different models and colors available as one-side laminated doors and both-side (interior and exterior) laminated doors. They are manufactured by premium raw materials using a sophisticated production line to meet the designers and builders’ needs for laminated double-glazed doors and windows.


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Considering the diverse demands of architects, designers, and consumers, this company is able to color the profiles and the manufactured double-glazed doors and windows with the highest quality under license of Zobel Company, using uPVC-specific paints made by the Zobel Company of Germany (the most reputable uPVC paint manufacturer).


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Alu Butia



To be in more harmony with aluminum facades and to take advantage of uPVC windows with full insulation, the company has developed aluminum claddings in different colors so as to create an aluminum appearance for uPVC double-glazed doors and windows while enjoying the proper insulation of them.


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