The Necessity of Using Galvanized Reinforcing Profile in uPVC Windows

uPVC window is defined as “windows manufactured by galvanized steel profiles with uPVC coatings”.
The definition stresses the importance of using galvanized reinforcing profiles in uPVC windows. Failure to use galvanized reinforcing profiles or the use of reinforcing profiles with non-standard thicknesses and dimensions, these doors and windows will not be of an acceptable quality, will not function appropriately, and will not be as safe as required.

The reasons for applying galvanized reinforcing profiles

• Resisting against the forces that the building exerts on doors and windows, and preventing damages to the uPVC profile
• Maintaining the ideal performance of doors and windows’ fittings to remain adjusted
• Resisting against wind pressure on windows, particularly in tall buildings
• Disallowing the expansion/contraction and transformation of windows under different climatic conditions
• Reinforcing and stabilizing the connection of the window to the building
• Tolerating the pressure exerted by the weight of the glass on uPVC profiles

Tips on galvanized reinforcing profiles

• The reinforcing profiles must be made from steel with a “zinc” coating of an appropriate thickness to prevent rusting. This coating is termed as “galvanized”.
• All main sections of the uPVC profiles used in windows must be profile-reinforced.
• The minimum thickness of galvanized steel sheets to produce reinforcing profiles must be 1.5 mm.
• The thickness of galvanized steel sheets of reinforcing profiles varies with the dimensions or the installation height of the window.
• Dimensions of the reinforcing profiles must be proportional to the dimensions and geometry of the uPVC profile, and must cover the entire box.
• The reinforcing profile must be placed consistently along the sides of doors and windows.

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