Double Glazed Glasses

Butia Sanat Complex sources the raw materials required to manufacture multi-glazed glasses from domestic and foreign suppliers according to predetermined specifications and quality control. Sheet glass is generally purchased from domestic producers and vendors; whereas spacers, butyl and polysulfide adhesives, desiccants, and other materials are directly imported from Italy.



Multi-glazed glasses are manufactured using fully automated production lines licensed and purchased from LiSEC, Austria. The production line is equipped with an argon gas injection system that operates concurrently as glasses are pressed and stuck together. The primary and secondary seals prevent the ingress of air into and fogging in the double-glazed glass.


The main advantages of using multi-glazed glasses in uPVC windows are as follows:

  • It is soundproof and prevents the ingress of dust.
  • It is thermally insulated.
  • It prevents energy waste.
  • The sealed unit’s interior can be decorated (Georgian Bar), thereby remaining clean during the lifespan of the glass.