To be in more harmony with aluminum facades and to take advantage of uPVC windows with full insulation, the company has developed aluminum claddings in different colors so as to create an aluminum appearance for uPVC double-glazed doors and windows while enjoying the proper insulation of them.Given the knowledge expansion in façade architecture and design, in order to harmonize windows with building facades, some projects require the use of aluminum windows which will, in turn, deprive the user of the advantages of insulated uPVC windows. Therefore, to integrate the advantages of insulated uPVC windows with an aluminum façade, Butia Industry Complex has manufactured aluminum claddings for doors and windows. In addition to all mentioned benefits, such doors and windows considerably reduce the rate of heat transfer by adding one more layer to the window pane. Aluminum cladding in uPVC windows increases the stability and mechanical resistance of doors and windows. This cladding is available in different colors customizable based on the building façade.

Advantages of aluminum-cladded uPVC doors and windows

  • Retaining the features and benefits of uPVC window insulation while using an aluminum façade for the building
  • Improving the mechanical resistance and the stability of doors and windows
  • Increasing the rate of thermal insulation and soundproofing due to adding the aluminum cladding to uPVC windows
  • Increasing the window’s rate of thermal resistance against the sun’s dangerous radiations
  • Offering the aluminum cladding in different colors
  • Saving money on purchase compared to thermally-broken aluminum windows


Anodize Dark Brown

Anodize Champagne