Company Policy

Butia Sanat’s main policy and definitive direction is to offer uPVC doors and windows according to the latest standards in the industry and meet the demand from Butia’s customers for doors and windows. To this end, the company started producing high-quality uPVC profiles for doors and windows according to national and international standards and their technical requirements and using premium raw materials sourced from reputable suppliers. This is attested by Butia products’ national and international certifications and its selection as the only exemplary unit of national production in the uPVC industry to date. In addition to superior quality and competitiveness with the latest and greatest profiles, Butia’s uPVC profiles provide manufacturers, trade partners, and consumers with many designs and colors in its product portfolio.

Given the importance of uPVC door and window production process, the Technical Department began training and communicating uPVC door and window production and installation requirements and technical instructions to its counterparts and the manufacturers using its products. The company is also determined to exceed consumers’ expectations with the uPVC doors and windows manufactured under the brand Butia by continuous supervisions and training courses for trade partners.