Company Policy

Butia’s main policy and definitive attitude is to offer uPVC doors and windows qualified according to the latest industrial standards, and thus satisfy customers and consumers of doors and windows under the brand Butia. To this end, the company first proceeded to produce high-quality uPVC profiles for doors and windows, according to national and international standards, using premium raw materials provided by credible suppliers and based on technical requirements of the related official standards. This is attested by national and international standards obtained for Butia products, and being chosen as the only exemplary unit of national production in uPVC industry till date. In addition to having superior quality, competitive with top modern profiles of the world, Butia’s uPVC profiles provide producers, commercial partners, and consumers with a large variety of sash systems in different models and colors.
Afterwards, given the importance of uPVC door and window production process, the Technical Unit began to practice and impart the uPVC door and window production and installation requirements and the technical instructions to the counterparts and manufacturers that use the company’s products. It also intends to fully satisfy consumers of uPVC doors and windows manufactured under the brand Butia by continuous supervisions and training courses for commercial partners.