Classification by usage

Butia uPVC window system usage

Butia’s uPVC double-glazed doors and windows are categorized by their application as follows:

Casement Double-Glazed Window

Made by different fittings, casement windows (e.g. turn-only or tilt-only windows, tilt and turn windows, French windows, tilt first windows, etc.) swing on the window’s horizontal or vertical frame with various applications in buildings. This double-glazed system is the most widely-used window in buildings and has the highest insulation rate among uPVC windows given its sash locks around the window frame. It is also caulked by insulation rubbers that prevent heat and cold transfer, stops the ingress of dust and environmental contamination, and improves soundproofing.


Casement Double-Glazed Door

These double-glazed doors include different casement doors such as balcony door, entrance (lockable) door, tilt and slide door, zero-threshold door, and more, which swing along the vertical or horizontal frame and have various applications in buildings. Like casement double-glazed windows, these doors have the highest insulation rate among uPVC double-glazed doors.


Sliding Double-Glazed Windows

Sliding double-glazed windows have various sashes, such as single slider, double slider, and others, which can be used in buildings for different applications. They are utilized in buildings with insufficient space for casement double-glazed windows; which necessitates the use of a track-sliding window, which does not need to swing on vertical or horizontal frames.
Despite having poorer insulation rate than uPVC casement windows, uPVC sliding windows are much better insulated than aluminum and iron windows. Since sliding double-glazed windows meet technical standards and minimize heat loss and ingress of dust.


Sliding Double-Glazed Door

Like sliding double-glazed windows, these come in various sashes, such as single slider, double slider, and more, with the same technical features and specifications. Moreover, these doors can have lockable fittings installed for entrance doors.