Meeting the latest international standards, Butia’s A-class door and window uPVC profiles can be used to manufacture uPVC doors and windows in different models and colors and be customized by designers and architects for a wide range of applications. Butia’s 34-section profiles are used to manufacture different kinds of casement and sliding windows, and the company offers hundreds of models and colors with various laminates, uPVC colors, and aluminum coatings for doors and windows.

Butia Sanat sources the raw materials for manufacturing multi-glazed glasses from domestic and foreign providers according to predetermined specifications and quality and quality control. Sheet glass is generally purchased from domestic producers and vendors; other materials such as spacers, butyl and polysulfide adhesives, and desiccants are directly imported from Italy. Multi-glazed glasses are manufactured using fully automatic production lines licensed and purchased from LiSEC Co, Austria. The production line is equipped with an argon gas injection system operating concurrently with pressing and sticking two glasses together. The primary and secondary seals prevent the ingress of air into and fogging in the double-glazed glass.