What to Expect from an Ideal Window

Given the increase in environmental pollution, the serious threat to human health, and to prevent their ingress into the living environment, constructors and consumers have paid increasing attention to using standard, insulated materials to the benefit of human health.
As the aperture of buildings and houses that illuminate living spaces, windows are of particular importance among all structures.
Due to a lack of insulation, windows were traditionally manufactured in small dimensions and few windows were installed in houses. Otherwise, residents would face many problems in hot and cold weather. Here, we will make you familiar with standard windows by enumerating the features of an ideal, high-quality window.

Consumers’ Expectations of a Standard Window

• Adequate insulation against different contaminations, such as dust, industrial fumes, toxic gases, and noise pollution
• Adequate insulation against heat, cold, and humidity
• Provision of enough illumination for living spaces
• Preventing the ingress of harmful UV ray
• Convenience when opening and closing doors and windows (being adjusted)
• Resistance against forces and pressures exerted
• Simple maintenance and cleaning
• Ability to use various shapes, models, and colors in windows
• The ability to use different sashes as required at the place of use
• Security against natural phenomena such as fire, earthquake, and storm, and against burglary
• Window durability and no erosion over time (no corrosion or oxidization)

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